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           - For you the Patient, who is looking for a trustworthy, properly trained osteopath who belongs to an organization that guarantees his/her competence.

Here we explain what osteopathy is, what it can do for you, when you can benefit from it, and we provide a list of the osteopaths in our Professional Union (PU) who can give you the quality care you are looking for.

Our goal is also to defend our profession, to ensure that it enjoys its proper status and to demonstrate that the high level of responsibility it demands is achieved through the organization of the Professional Union itself, the obligation placed upon its members to respect the code of professional ethics, and the organization of continuous training.

           - For you, the Osteopath, this site provides answers to your questions about your PU, the services it offers, insurance information, the laws and decrees that concern us, PU codes, secretariat contact details and subjects for continuous training.

We are at your service.

Jean RUWET, D.O.
President U.B.O.-B.U.O
President G.N.R.P.O